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The UCLA Center for European and Russian Studies (CERS) and the UCLA Center for the Study of International Migration (CSIM) invite submissions for a conference on Migrants, Refugees and Global Justice: Comparative Perspectives in Societies of Migration to be held in Berlin from September 7-9, 2016, and organized in conjunction with the Berlin Institute of Migration and Integration Research at Humboldt University, and the Department of Sociology at Sciences Po and related research centers there and at Nuffield College, Oxford. We welcome papers from across the social sciences addressing issues of immigration, integration, refugee and asylum policies and flows, citizenship, and urban inequalities. While the conference is principally focused on the contemporary situation, papers of a more historical bent (extending backwards to the mid-19th century, though ideally post-World War II) will be considered.

Airfare and three nights of food and lodging will be provided for up to six graduate student participants. Of the six papers to be selected, we seek to select up to three with a particular focus on Europe, though papers with a comparative focus (e.g. Europe/North America) or migration to Europe (e.g., undocumented migration across the Mediterranean, human trafficking, transit migration in Africa) will also be considered. The remaining three papers may treat migration in, from, or to any other geographic area of the world (including, of course, the United States). We welcome papers that examine gendered, familial, and generational dimensions of the migration process.  All papers will be posted in advance of the conference (date to be determined).  We welcome applications from students working in broad range of social science and humanities fields, as well as those in ethnic studies, law, public health, urban planning, public policy, and social welfare.  Applications are restricted to UCLA students enrolled in PhD programs or professional equivalents.

To apply, please submit a one-page conference paper abstract, a short CV, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor. All application materials (including the letter of recommendation) must be submitted online by the application deadline of May 15, 2016.