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Lavender Health Alliance, a newly founded student club at UCLA, organized a blood drive as part of USAC's Pride Week. Unfortunately, the majority of transgender woman and gay men at UCLA were not able to participate due the FDA's discriminatory 1-year deferral of MSM donors (i.e. men who have sex with men). As a result, LHA is currently distributing a petition advocating that the FDA add questions to the screening process in order to identify MSMs with a low-risk of having HIV/AIDs. The exclusion of these low-risk MSMs from the donation process needlessly restricts the blood supply and our ability to save lives. LHA will personally send this petition to the CA governor, senators, and the FDA itself. Currently, the organization counts with roughly 300 signatures, but hopes to collect many more for this issue to be heard.

To access the petition, please visit:

To view the detailed history of the MSM deferral issue, please visit: