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Report from the Field: 2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Erik Peña in Nicaragua

2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Erik Peña reports from León, Nicaragua. He shares his experiences learning about the need for a strong emergency care system in rural areas outside of León. Erik is currently working in a collaborative project with UCLA, National Autonomous University of Nicaragua - León, and Friends New England - Project SEMILLA. During his time in León, Erik will collect data in partnership with local community leaders in order to improve means of transportation to hospitals and thus improve the emergency care system in rural León. The UCLA Blum Center is excited to hear all about Erik's findings and contributions to rural communities in Latin America as well as to learning more about his hands-on experience and training.
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Report from the Field: 2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Jennifer Zelaya in Nicaragua

2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Jennifer Zelaya shares experiences from her first few weeks after arriving in Nicaragua for her summer internship. After finishing her second year of her dual Masters of Public Health and Social Welfare program, Jennifer has been placed in a summer internship with Friends New England (FNE) as part of the UCLA Blum Summer Scholars program. Through the duration of the summer, Jennifer will gain valuable field experience working with communities on the ground to not only complete her health internship program requirement but also support the creation of more accessible health care systems for families in Nicaragua. The UCLA Blum Center is proud to support Jennifer in her training as a future change agent for improving health outcomes in Latin America!
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Meet the 2014 Summer Scholars

The UCLA Blum Center has selected six outstanding students for our second iteration of our upcoming summer program. These scholars will perform research throughout Latin America that will make important contributions to advancing health equity and outcomes.
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The UCLA Blum Center on Poverty and Health in Latin America analyzes the key factors that influence poverty and the social determinants of health including: government practices and policies, community action, social justice, human rights, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, foreign policies and more. Within these pages, you will find information on The UCLA Blum Center's:
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