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Support The First Health and Art Fair "SaludArte" in Chacraseca, Nicaragua

"SaludArte", is a community health and art programing project that our UCLA Blum Summer Scholars are putting together in partnership with Friends New England and Local Community Leaders. Learn more about it and how you can make a difference in the lives of the children in the rural community of Chacraseca, Nicaragua.
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Report From the Field: 2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Allyn Auslander in México

2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Allyn Auslander, reports from Cuernavaca, México. Allyn is working with the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) in the analysis of data and risk factors associated with chronic non-alcoholic (NAFLD) liver diseases. Allyn feels privileged that she gets to work with such important information as she cherishes having the opportunity to do work that many people will benefit from one day. The UCLA Blum Center is proud of Allyn's positive outlook and of all the work she is doing to improve the health conditions in México and Latin America.
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Report from the Field: 2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar Jennifer Zelaya in Nicaragua

2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholar, Jennifer Zelaya shares updates on her work with the rural community of Chacraseca, Nicaragua. Jennifer is now planning on putting together a community project with the help of Friends New England (FNE), Chacraseca Community Leader Conchita Montes, and other 2014 UCLA Blum Summer Scholars working in the region. The community project is called "SaludArte: Feria de Salud y Arte en Chacraseca" (Health and Arts Fair in Chacraseca) which will take place August 16th. Jennifer also provides updates on her research project in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) that she is conducting along with other scholars. The UCLA Blum Center is proud to see Jennifer Zelaya go above and beyond her duty as a Summer Scholar as she takes on the initiative and leadership to improve health conditions in Chacraseca, Nicaragua.
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